What should you wear in winter?

FASHION TREND FOR WINTERS: How about wearing warm clothes and hanging out here and there, Am I kidding? No, the type of clothes you wear varies when days change from October to January during this time all major festival make their presence these days whether it’s Dushara, Diwali and last month of the year Christmas and 1st January comes respectively.

 So, again this question pop up in mind what should I wear, Well I suggest from last week of October go with Kurtas, Nehru Jackets, full sleeve T-shirts and even pullovers if days are little warm but ensure that you are not wearing heavy winter clothes.

A perfect Kurti for girls in Festival season


A combination of half jacket and kurta ideal dress for the festival

Well, the above designs are for the festival but what about our day to day life we can’t wear these dress at home all the time I have some suggestion for you to Choose your wardrobe wear full sleeve T-shirts, Jackets etc.

In the winter our skin becomes dry and need those clothes which make the body feel warmer, protect from cold and keeps us healthy. Let’s see what kind of precautions we keep in our mind while buying clothes for winter

Do, check the above link and decide which stuff suits you best.
People prefer to have Shawla, Mufflers, Woolen caps, Jackets and Mufflers. Well these woollen clothes people usually wear but how about Pashmina Shawal it’s lightweight, Supper warm and keep our body protected from cold waves.
The celebration of Diwali with a shawl

A warm cloth keeps you healthy and fits in winters, Also you can wear handmade sweaters which knits in our home they are very warm and may protect our body.

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